Somwhere in the vast, wild forests of Suoja and Vihrea lies a hidden, ancient Elven utopia. Hidden, because the Greenwatch incessantly and silently patrol the entirety of both regions and inevitably catch all intruders. With few exceptions, execution swiftly follows.

Life within Viska is reputed to be unfailingly pleasant, full of beauty, peace, and intelligent discourse. The Sobottic exiles, however, would describe it more as stagnant, sterile, and willfully blind to the reality of the world.

Governed by a complex network of ancient loyalties between noble lines, and a strict system of traditions; in practice when a single authority is needed, usually the eldest noble Elf in residence has the final word. Cannily, the elders of Viska generally don’t make their exact ages known outside their own number, so few could truly say who might be the ultimate authority at any given time.

Rumors also place Viska as the seat of the Abstersic Order, a shadowy cabal of assassins active both within Viska and across Strugur at large.

As a Torchbearer character’s home, may provide:

Skills: Healer, Mentor, Pathfinder, Scout

Traits: Calm, Quiet

Alignment: Lawful

+1D to Circles tests in this town for Lawful characters. Counts as a Factor for Circles tests for Chaotic characters.


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