A rustic frontier palisade that in theory protects Pretarran logging and fur trapping operations. In practice it’s more like the secure neutral ground in an unending war of sabotage and thievery between various backwoods work crews (and the Marqon that sponsor them). Ourler could almost be seen as the goal line in a lucrative blood sport; the legal owner of the commodities of Abrique is not truly determined until they enter its gates to be prepared for shipment downriver.

As a result, it has a reputation for attracting the dangerous, greedy, and/or duplicitous, but surely many of its denizens are just trying to get their piece of the pie..

As a Torchbearer character’s home, may provide:

Skills: Carpenter, Laborer, Hunter

Traits: Rough Hands, Defender

Alignment: Chaotic

+1D to Circles tests in this town for Chaotic characters. Counts as a Factor for Circles tests for Lawful characters.


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