Noble houses of Pretarre that build their power from controlling and representing the interests of a trade, race, or other groups within Pretarre rather than from titled lands. Collectively referred to as the Pretarran Senate, though they rarely act or even meet collectively.

Wherever Pretarran trade and business has a foothold, there you will find a Marqon’s influence, likely even a chapter house. Where the Halfling caravans and swapmoots are ubiquitous and generalist, the Marqon are scattered specialist hubs that, if taken collectively, would be no less ubiquitous.

Among their number are:

Visi Dwarves, financiers
Leioto Elves, artists
Cainnaire Halflings, hosts
Murir — vintners, cheesemakers
Levure — brewers, bakers
Grafa — loggers, miners
CagotAugran church, scribes
Camionne — river and harbor workers
Matelot — sailors
Enclume — smiths, glassworkers
Lisiere — farriers, cutlers
Beten — butchers, tanners
Sante — apothecaries, weavers


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