The Dwarves of Eljun dug too deep, and too greedily. Fortunately they had the foresight to design key supports at critical chokepoints to be easily removed, and the unspeakable horrors below can not emerge. The Chastised of Eljun accept their duty to ensure it, taking responsibility for their fathers’ hubris and standing vigilant over every sealed passage into the lost levels of the city. The Chastised would like to assure everyone that rumors purporting their additional operation as a secret inquisition, ferreting out and exterminating those whose minds have fallen under the corrupting influence of the horrors below and who seek to release their ever hungering masters, are purely sensationalist fabrications.

As a Torchbearer character’s home, may provide:

Skills: Lore Master, Armorer, Theologian

Traits: Jaded, Foolhardy

Alignment: Chaotic

+1D to Circles tests in this town for Chaotic characters. Counts as a Factor for Circles tests for Lawful characters.


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