Lucius Tyreme

A disbarred lawmage with nothing left to lose


Lucius is a disbarred lawmage. Blessed by the Lords of Law to carry out their will, bringing criminals to justice and gathering the evidence to do so. Which were all totally things he did before being expelled from the service of Law on bribery charges, losing his wife to disease, losing the respect of his peers and mentor, and having his infant son inaccessable living with his wife’s wealthy parents. He has run out of money to continue drinking away his sorrows at Ronwald Brandyfoot’s inn, The House of Three Squires, and has in fact run up quite a tab. When Nob Brandyfoot mentions a possible paying job, one that would stand the disgraced drunk that he has become, he jumps (or, rather, stumbles) at the opportunity.

He still wears his cravat from his days as a member of the clergy of Law, but now bears a holy symbol of Gulivi in his new occupation as a roving murder hobo.


Headlines from the Clebrique Acta Diurna

Lucius Tyreme appointed Assistant District Lawmage
Trade ships to make landfall
Pandemic strikes Clebrique
Fire levels Arkar’s Tavern
Goblinpox rages, hundreds dead
Tax on weapons increased
Temple of Health raises prices
‘Don’ Darien Vol to stand trial
Price of corn at all time high after blight
Tyreme named prosecuting lawmage in contentious Vol trial
Sunset curfew now in effect, violators will be punished
Anna Tyreme succumbs to goblinpox, Leaving husband and infant
Jury finds Vol innocent
Reclaimer’s Bregade returns empty handed, decimated
Tyreme to stand trial for bribery
Several officials missing, Elves suspected
Lucius Tyreme disbarred from Clebrique Bar Association

Lucius Tyreme

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