The Kingdom of Pretarre spans from the coasts of Solustai to the Prumur River in the east and the Donnar Mountains in the north, but its heart is the fertile basin of the Monnainte, the largest and most productive agricultural region on the continent.

As a result, Pretarre is home to the largest and most varied population in Strugur, with the four main Elder and Younger races in abundance, though the Human population is the single largest segment. There are even a few integrated settlements of typically more barbarous species to be found in the Kingdom.

In turn the density of population has given rise to a complex economy and advanced political system to lubricate social function and provide law and security, but of opportunity, once the upper strata have had their share there is precious little left for anyone else. In Pretarre, the saying goes, riches or power come only to those with the other already.

A system of noble houses, known as Marqon, act publicly as representatives for regional interests of their race, trade, religion or public agenda, and usually less openly but no less universally for the interests of their greedy selves. Together they are known as the Senate, though they have no defined governing powers as a collective and meet in quorum only in dire circumstances. Still, they control much of the political power in the Kingdom; perhaps even the majority, but the Kings and Queens of the Human dynasty of Remoire have held the ultimate authority for centuries. Currently the head of this dynasty is His Immutable Excellence Legere Remoire.

Enforcing that authority when civil guards and Marqon goons aren’t sufficient (or aren’t cooperating) are the Remoiran Royal Brigades, informally known as the Bull Army for their use of the dynastic symbol in unit heraldry.

Worship of the Immortal Lords is widespread in Pretarre, even ubiquitous in the grasslands of Vagueor, where the Augran Church holds more sway than the King, thanks in part to their militant orders’ steadfast work repelling raiders from the Tevchaaj Steppes north of there.

Thanks to the royal sponsorship of the Adeptic Conclave, Pretarre is also a bastion of secular education in Strugur; and the only one available to any sufficiently well-connected or wealthy individual, as the states of the Elder races and the Salitani guard their knowledge more closely.

The information disseminating effect of the Conclave and the existing competitive structure of the Marqon have preempted the formation of independent trade guilds in the kingdom; instead each Marqon tends to develop mastery with and control over specific economic niches and the trades that they involve. Some narrow business are monopolized by a single Marqon, but the most essential industries like shipping have a few in competition.

Despite ever increasing difficulty with securing the Kingdom’s inland frontiers against encroaching raiders and savage creatures, the dynasty maintains Imperial ambitions, and sustains a few significant holdings outside Pretarre proper including Aliment, a critical resupply stop for oceanic trade with the Salitani and traffic to the Conclave’s outposts elsewhere in Akaflege, and the Duchy of Espoir, a series of forts facilitating the extraction of the wealth of wild Dhelakake with or without the help of the local Tikhak.

Settlements within Pretarre include:


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