After being lost to goblinoid tribes above and below the surface twelve hundred years ago, Obrigdr was later re-taken by Svallborgic cousins of her slain population. Their descendants carry the grudge against nearby goblinoid tribes to this day, particularly Hobgoblin raiders of Tevchaaj. A complex network of hidden tunnels and lookout posts allows them to track any incursion from the east, which they unfailingly sally forth and hunt down as if for sport. A meritocracy in the mold of Svallborg, but valor in the Hunts or other battle take the place of the Ordeals.

As a Torchbearer character’s home, may provide:

Skills: Armorer, Scout, Stonemason

Traits: Bold, Defender

Alignment: Lawful

+1D to Circles tests in this town for Lawful characters. Counts as a Factor for Circles tests for Chaotic characters.


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