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Strugur is a land with a long history of strife, where the ruins of former empires lie atop each other like so many corpses still clutching ancient riches, and where the land produces an endless variety of threats to any who dare to carve out a stable society.

And yet, we do. Whether it be the ancient haven of the insular Elves, the industrious chaos of a Dwarven Founding, the pastoral villages of the Halflings, or the cosmopolitan kingdom founded by Humans, the lights of civilization burn on across much of the continent.

All these, however, are as candles in a half-forgotten dungeon; too few, with too much danger between, and liable to flicker out with little warning. Mortal hubris can only go so far in this hostile land; Strugur will not be tamed.

But it can be looted.

The information on this wiki is not meant to be exhaustive; as a reference for players, it may be updated with more specific knowledge uncovered by the players as the game progresses, but it begins from a state approximate with what a well-informed city dweller in Strugur likely knows about the continent. Therefore, it reflects the general ignorance of civilized folk for matters outside their cultures and works (as well as a bit of their casual bigotry toward one another).

Players should be cautioned against accepting this bias as truth; little is said on this wiki about the denizens of wild and dark places gnawing at the fringes of civilization, but that does not mean they are any less numerous or significant.

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