Immortal Lords

Few in Strugur speak of gods, save as unfathomable alien powers outside all comprehension and to whom the entire mortal realm barely warrants notice, if at all.

Instead, most mortals revere the Immortal Lords, individuals who have ascended beyond mortality through legendary events, who have come to act as personifications of the ideals, causes, and the components of nature itself that most concerned them as mortals.

The Lords are many, and tend to be supplicated in loose pantheons each covering a broad aspect of mortal existence; often broad enough to include two fundamentally interdependent concepts, such as with the Lords of Life and Death, the Lords of Law and Chaos, or the Lords of Wealth and Toil, since generally any Lord related to one is always related to the other as well.

As generations pass and the story of a Lord’s ascension is twisted or forgotten, their identity slowly merges with the concept they represent and the others who have embodied that concept before.

Known Immortal Lords include:

He Who First Said No
Lord of Forbiddance
Lords of Law

The Blind Lady
Lords of Law, Lords of Grace

Lord of Deals.
Lords of Law, Lords of Wealth

Lord of Lineage
Lords of Law

Lord of Independence
Lords of Chaos

Lord of Scavengers
Lords of Toil

Lord of Organization
Lords of Law, Lords of MIght

The Burning Lord
Lords of Law, Lords of Magic

Lord of Fury
Lords of Chaos, Lords of Might

Lord of Disruption
Lords of Chaos

Lord of Consequence
Lords of Law, Lords of Death

Lady of Persistence
Lords of Life, Lords of Toil

Lord of Gloating
Lords of Chaos, Lords of Might and Magic

Immortal Lords

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