Halflings are the youngest among Tilfolk1. Created near HY 1500 by Roald the Peculiar as servants and companions, Halflings to this day frequently demonstrate a cheerful mastery of domestic arts, as a natural talent for merrymaking, and a love of riddles, limericks, mischief, and other feats of cleverness or absurdism. Notably, older Halflings sometimes show a gradual shift toward embodying rather than creating such humor, scoffing at the antics of youth even as they fail to notice their own ever-growing eccentricity.

Adult Halflings are approximately the size of an adolescent Human child, recognizable by their round features and proportionately larger hands and feet, the latter of which is also generally hairier than the norm for Humans.

Halflings have remained closely connected to Humans throughout their history, frequently intermingling with their settlements particularly where agriculture is good and violent creatures are few. In Strugur, they also have a homeland in the form of Foirfeach, but their central involvement in Pretarran trade has created a socially acceptable, even expected, outlet for the curiosity of Halfling youth; those who would see the world and seek fortune join the network of ships, caravans, and their ever-popular swapmoots that stretches forth across the continent from Leabhairt and Clebrique.

Some Halflings worship the Immortal Lords, whether as part of the Auguric Church or not, some reject any notion of apotheosis or even heroics as complete balderdash, but many seem to feel the great mysteries of existence are a better basis for riddles and jokes than for codified philosophies and religions.

1 Their well-established mortal-made origins precludes their status as Tilfolk to a few Elven sages, but their clearly civilizing nature firmly places them in the category for most.


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