A general term for the great, largely subterranean Dwarven holdfasts that serve as their cities.

Where most races expand in a somewhat organic, opportunistic fashion, the Dwarven tendency toward stability and community has generally meant that the creation of new settlements is a serious undertaking for the massively ambitious, sometimes even planned over generations. Dwarves don’t spread (save, of course, downward). They colonize.

Tied into this mindset is Dwarven construction. As their domiciles are at the least hewn into cliffs, if not outright dug beneath a very mountain, they are expected to last forever. Thus, the costs of faulty planning might also last forever. Rare is the Founding expedition that sets out without a city plan, complete with anticipated expansions for generations to come, already built from prior exhaustive surveying.

Some Foundings with access to endless cave networks capable of supporting massive subterranean agriculture ignore the surface almost completely, sometimes as a matter of security. A few happily spill forth onto the surrounding land. Others foster a sort of client village outside their gates where the surface folk are free to work the land and trade their produce for access to the Founding’s security and crafts. Some, such as Svallborg, do feature extensive surface activity but consider it a realm suitable only for penal and military duty. Such Foundings rarely make a good impression on their surface dwelling neighbors.

Dwarven Foundings include:



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