Elves are a graceful folk, recognizable by their angular features and slender build. They are slightly slightly taller and lighter than Humans on average, and possess a similar range of coloration. However, they display significantly less variation on all counts.

Elves can be found throughout Strugur, though in many places only by those who know where to look. Regardless of where they live, almost all of them are either culturally Viskan, or hail from a culture with a direct relationship to Viska, such as the Sobot, the descendants of a splinter group exiled from Viska in a past age, over philosophical differences.

Their extreme lifespans rival even Dragons, but they die just as easily to violence as any of the Younger Races, resulting in a firm cultural tendency toward caution, even reticence. Elves just have more years of life to lose, and can always afford to wait. Due to their long lives and even longer continuous culture, collectively the Elves are without peer in their knowledge of history and wisdom in the ways of the world, but their unique perspective is notorious for rendering their insight and advice unpalatable to other sentient species or downright incompatible with their ambitions.

Elves refer to all sentient species that build stable civilizations as Tilfolk, or “People of order.” According to Elven myth this is less a natural occurrence and more a divine mandate; all Tilfolk (but especially the Elves themselves) are created to bring nature and the world itself into harmony. However, most Elven philosophers agree that no Tilfolk escapes the touch of chaos and disorder themselves; whether this is by design to give rise to free will, a tragic result of free will, simply by exposure to the world, traceable to deliberate sabotage in the distant past, etc is a major point of contention between different sects of Elven dogma.

Elves claim to be the Firstborn of all Tilfolk, privileged among the other mortal species, and certainly they share a unique relationship with nature. The trees and stars speak to them, and recognize them as kin. Some even speak with the sea, which has a peculiar magnetism for Elves. As they age and tire of the mortal world, the sea calls Elves to sail west to Gamalla, their legendary homeland before the the Second Elven Exodus, from whence none have returned. It is a common misunderstanding that Elves also speak with the Sun and Moon, but their relationship with the major celestial bodies is one of reverence, or sometimes viewing them as allies against forces of darkness, not kinship.


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