A vast, cold inland sea surrounded by jagged mountains dotted with Dwarven Foundings that, while independent, maintain close relations with their roots in massive Svallborg via regular ship traffic. Indeed, for many Bolvirker Foundings, Svallborg is the only conduit of contact with the world outside the sea.

Because of this arrangement, and because the inherently discrete nature of Dwarven settlements generally limits factional conflict to be within individual Foundings rather than between them, Bolvirk is effectively a Dwarven state with Svallborg as its capitol.

Besides the Foundings along its coasts, trade on Bolvirk also extends up the Stiarna to Stokkr, from whence nearly all Dwarven lumber is sourced. A cave system on the southern shores transitions to a wholly submerged underground river; the headwaters of the Gatan. Through clever use of iron-shod, water-tight barrels (that convert into carts for the return trip over Dolfric’s Pass), trade out of Bolvirk also reaches Brunnr, and from there down the Gatan to the ocean.

However, this activity is not without hazards, despite Svallborg’s firm hold on the region. Icebergs break off valley floes on the northern shores and drift south with the currents, and when the wind is light the sea is frequently covered in bone-chilling mists; a deadly combination for any foolhardy navigators.


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