Five Fingers Contract

A contract primarily drafted by Mortyr, edited and notaried by Lucius Tyreme and signed by them as well as “Sir” Rolf de Beten, Nob Brandyfoot, and Odayon of Hache, referred to in Skogenby as The Five Fingers after leaving the town in a state of total chaos, though surviving members wouldn’t hear the name until much later.

Key parts of its wording follow:

Section I


Mortyr – hereto known as employer LORD OF FIRE.

Section II


There will be no indemnification of debts, both monetary and legal, by the company for any member of the company.

Section III

Division of Wealth

Revenues shall be divided evenly among members of the company, with indivisible remainders left in company treasury until such time as it is sufficiently divisible as to form equal shares.

Section IV

Severance Pay

The estate of a company member severed from his or her mortal coil are entitled to two equal shares of the next company payout following his or her death, if a legal will is established.

Section V

Decision Making

Mortyr Company members are entitled to one veto chip per outing, to be used to settle decision-making disputes. Company members are responsible for tracking their own veto chips and do not retain their right to a veto if their chip is otherwise lost.

Section VI

Upon the Ascension of Mortyr

Section VII

Prayer to the LORD OF FIRE

Five Fingers Contract

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