Ronwald Brandyfoot

Inkeeper at the House of Three Squires


Nature: 5
Will: 3
Health: 4
Resources: 3
Circles: 3

Cook 5, Steward 2

Baking-wise, Stew-wise

Hidden Depths 1, Fat 1


Traveled in the Caravans as a young lad until he had enough money to buy what he saw as an underdeveloped wayhouse on a prime route, The House of Three Squires.

Apparently his sense for opportunity was good; under his ownership the House has expanded from little more than a feed trough and a small cabin, to a sturdy palisaded compound complete with stables, an outdoor stage, and a grand rustic two-storied inn.

Most of his progeny thus far have turned out just like their industrious parents, except for that constant disappointment, Nob.

Ronwald Brandyfoot

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