Secrets of Strugur

The Pit of Dispair

Attack of the Kobolds

Nob, Rolf and Odayon followed the bloody trail as it lead to the cellar. Odayon noticed a familiar smell, unmistakable as Kobold. However, Nob—eager to find his family—rushed in anyways. The Kobolds had rigged the staircase to collapse as soon as more weight than a single kobold stepped on it, and he was sent tumbling into the pitch black cellar. From there he was far too scared to do anything else, and just trembled until he was captured and put in a cage of some kind.

Meanwhile, Rolf and Odayon were quick footed enough to avoid the drop and jumped back. They looked around and found a giant set of antlers (one wonders how halflings even carried in) and turned it into a makeshift ladder.

With the ladder at the ready, they were able to rescue Nob without difficulty. While doing so, they heard voices, and in the cold room found 3 more adventurers who had been stuffed in a pit [I can’t remember the character names and they’re not in Obsidian yet]. It seems the Kobolds captured them and stole all their belongings. They also found a cute little dog. Odayon remembered that dogs are anathema to Kobolds.

Nob wanting to save his family, Rolf wanting to save things as a general rule, the new additions wanting their stuff, and Odayon wanting friends, they all filled their bellies with some delicious Brandywine Sour Ale, and set off down the Kobold tunnel.

They started to fight the first group of Kobolds they came across and as yet neither side has made any progress. Will our heroes defeat the Kobolds and save everything? Will they total party whip? Tune in next time to find out.



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